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The unified platform for communities to
end homelessness together.

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Coordinated Entry for Everyone

  • Dedicated and integrated tools for simple and usable data intake, management, and reporting simple and usable

  • Structured workflows for cross-sector collaboration

One Platform. One Language.

  • Internally integrated tools.

  • Data bridges to HMIS and other external data sources

  • Empathetically engineered from the ground up with service and city agencies.

Community Reports
Case Management

Here's what people are saying about Outreach Grid

  • "Outreach Grid is a game changer."

    — HMIS Administrator

  • "It's so clean. I get it from the first try. It just makes sense!"

    — Outreach Worker

  • "It's such a breath of fresh air and a change of pace because it's so user-friendly!"

    — HMIS Administrator

  • "I can't wait to use Outreach Grid."

    — Outreach Worker

  • "This is such a great thing for the city."

    — City Manager

Simple and Transparent Pricing

With plans starting at $99 per user per month

Industry Leading Feature Set

Homelessness has changed. It's time your software kept up.

  • Military-grade security
    Leading edge practices of security, including 12-factor application deployment.

  • Custom information sharing
    Control how information is shared among your agencies.

  • Continuous improvement
    We actively add new features to improve your experience -- at no extra cost to you.

  • Real-time data insights
    It's the 21st century: Get notifications as they come.

  • Own your own data
    We'll never charge you extra to get your own data.

  • Third-party integrations
    Publish and ingest information to and from third-party sources.

  • Location-aware insights
    Map encounters, hangouts, and encampments across your jurisdiction.

  • Regulatory compliance
    Up-to-date HMIS data dictionary compliance.
  • CBS Sacramento
  • Comstock's magazine
  • Government Technology magazine
  • Startup in Residence (STIR)
  • ReadWrite
  • StateScoop
  • Sacramento Business Journal
  • CivTech-SA

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