Tools built and designed for quick service dispatch.

Cross-sector collaboration to deliver better and faster care.

Effectively streamline bed reservation and management.

Connecting individuals and households to permanent housing.


Your Superpowers In Depth

Structured Workflows

Record, track, and manage the progression of clients and the services used from first contact all the way to housing. Quickly identify and understand your clients' needs to better deliver the appropriate care.

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Cross-Sector Collaboration

The Outreach Grid Platform provides for easy collaborative client management with our internally integrated referrals and chat systems. Notify all the right people with multi-user reporting and immediately know when an incident gets escalated.

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Keep A Track Record

All your documentation ⁠— digitzied and stored on one platform to help you stay organized and focused. Record, view, and manage case notes anywhere, anytime on any mobile or tablet device.

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Their Voices ⁠— Amplified

Clients can self-report their status and location on Outreach Grid, so case managers and outreach specialists on the Outreach Grid Network can stay informed and quickly connect them to the appropriate services.

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Digitized Forms and Assessments

Gather all you need to better understand and serve the individuals in need. Outreach Grid digitizes and stores all assessments on one platform, so you can spend less time on data collection. Say goodbye to all that paperwork!

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