Tools built and designed for quick service dispatch.

Cross-sector collaboration to deliver better and faster care.

Effectively streamline bed reservation and management.

Connecting individuals and households to permanent housing.


Your Superpowers In Depth

Stay Connected

With Outreach Grid's web and mobile tools, Outreach Grid helps you stay connected and productive, wherever your work takes you.

Outreach Grid's Outreach Specialist App is available on any iOS device! Also accessible on any desktop and mobile device via web browser.

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Stay Informed

Outreach Grid's Applicant Portal allows individuals experiencing or about to experience homelessness to self-report their status. Community members and enforcement agencies can also report real-time sightings of homelessness.

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Real-Time Communications

Get notified of real-time incidents of homelessness! Chat with self-reporting clients or other users in your Outreach Grid Network to quickly deliver the appropriate care.

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Locational Insights At Your Fingertips

Get a real-time pulse of homelessness. Record when and where clients and encampments have been encountered, and track the progression of their engagement with services over time.

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Digitized Forms and Assessments

Gather all you need to better understand and serve the individuals in need. Outreach Grid digitizes and stores all assessments on one platform, so you can spend less time on data collection. Say goodbye to all that paperwork!

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