We started Outreach Grid with a singular goal: to bridge communities and technology in order to end homelessness together.

Concerned about the prevalence of homelessness, the team behind Outreach Grid participated in San Francisco's Startup In Residence Program in 2016 and developed Outreach Grid alongside the West Sacramento Police Department.

To better understand and address the needs and challenges communities face when combatting homelessness, we took part in a 16-Week Residency Program with City of San Antonio, where we shadowed outreach specialists and case managers, heard their feedback, and incorporated all their wisdom into Outreach Grid.

Startup in Residence (STIR) CivTechSA

Uniquely and empathetically designed in collaboration with outreach workers, service agencies, enforcement agencies, and you in mind, the functions and features in Outreach Grid revolve around our goal: to have a dedicated unified platform to better understand the state of homelessness in the region, in order to deliver better and faster care.

Client & Encampment Management

Understand the complete picture of homelessness. Track the history of camp locations, where clients have been encountered, and their progression of services over time. Easily identify trends of camp openings, closings, and re-openings across your region. Outreach Grid records paths via GPS to map out walk paths that are safe for workers to traverse for hard-to-reach camps.

Custom Surveys & Data Sharing

Every agency will want to know something different about its clients. We import your intake forms to easy-to-input forms in the app. Access, view, and sign your custom forms — all from a single platform. Information collected on Outreach Grid can be restricted and shared among agencies based on custom data-sharing agreements.

Built-In Collaboration & Workflow Management

Easily record work done for clients and encampments across your region. Keep your team and other users informed in real-time, by updating a task and tagging other outreach specialists or users on your Outreach Grid Network! Notify all the right people with multi-user reporting and immediately know when an incident gets escalated.

Data Reports & Third-Party Integrations

From your HMIS Data Warehouse to your paper forms, Outreach Grid integrates with systems your agency already uses. Outreach Grid can also painlessly pipe key client data between Outreach Grid and HMIS software, while maintaining a single source of truth. Get a real-time usable picture of your homelessness data at a glance. Generate HMIS reports with just a click of a button.

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